Paperless building inspections made easy!

Inspect property easily with InspectEasy. Your all-in-one property inspection solution.

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Are you a building inspector?

Streamline your workflow with InspectEasy, your new building inspection app! Get started quickly with our pre-loaded report templates and included terms and conditions that are fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Simple to Use

The InspectEasy app provides a clean and logical report structure that reduces your time on site.

Easy to Read Reports

Our report templates are designed to be easily read and understood by your clients.

Works Offline

Conduct inspections without reliance on internet connectivity. Internet is only required to send the reports.

Inspect Easily
with your Android or IOS Tablet

Sometimes selecting a response on a report will not be enough, which is why we've made it possible to easily add comments and photos to relevant areas of the report.

Our simple report design relies on coloured status icons to easily identify problems with an area. No more long-winded paragraphs of jargon and ugly reports. Formatting is taken care of automatically for you.

No longer will you have to spend hours after the inspection is completed converting paper reports into a digital report to be emailed. All this is taken care of with InspectEasy.

Our reports are fully compliant with Australian Standards: AS4349.1-1995, AS4349.0-2007, AS4349.1-2007, AS4349.3-2010, AS4964-2004, AS3500, AS3000, AS1926-1986, AS1926-2007.1, AS1926-2012.1

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Simple reports
lead to happy clients

We have revolutionised the way inspection reports are formatted, developed with the customer in mind. Gone are the days of long paragraphs of descriptions which are complicated for clients to understand and search for specific pieces of information.

Easily identify problems with features of the property at a glance due to our unique and professional report design. Clients don't want to spend an hour reading a report, so make their life easy, with simple to understand report templates that look professional and fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Easily change the report colour and company details to match your branding, including the addition of your logo for a personalised and professional look that stands out from the crowd.

We have also included a set of terms and conditions for the report, saving you the time of effort of setting up the legalities behind your inspection reports.

Are you ready to be more efficient with your inspections?

Simplify your workflow and reduce costs, time spent on site, and increase profits by eliminating paper and complicated report templates. Sign-up and try InspectEasy today, with our 30-day free trial.


Affordable Inspection Pricing

A selection of our current inspection subscriptions.
More inspection types are coming in the near future!

Building Inspection
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  • Building inspection template.
  • Unlimited monthly inspections.
  • Report terms & conditions included.
  • Professional customisable PDF reports.
  • No lock-in contract
Pest Inspection
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  • Pest report template.
  • Unlimited monthly inspections.
  • Report terms & conditions included.
  • Professional customisable PDF reports.
  • No lock-in contract

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If you would like to conduct both building and pest inspections, the building & pest option includes a combined building and pest inspection report, which also gives you access to the individual building, and pest reports. If you only need building, or pest you can purchase a cheaper subscription that only includes the single type.

Your subscription can be easily managed by logging into your account dashboard, from there you can update your billings details, and change your subscription options that are tied to your inspector accounts.

Create an account by registering on the website, and follow the setup wizard to get started on creating your InspectEasy account.

You will need to purchase your own IOS or Andriod tablet to use InspectEasy. We recommend a cellular-capable device (WiFi + Cellular), that way you can add a mobile internet plan and send the reports on the go without being connected to home wifi.

We currently only offer a tablet-based solution. A phone-specific version may come in the future depending on if there is interest.

It is recommended to use a device that is supported by the latest versions of iOS and Android. Older versions of iOS and Android may become unsupported.

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